Uma agenda de contatos inteligente!

A smart phonebook where changes made on a business card are automatically updated on phonebooks.

Create and share business cards electronically.

Electronic sharing will take your card directly to your contact's phonebook.

No more paper cards that almost never reaches your contacts phonebooks and when they reach, they won’t update.

Uma agenda de contatos inteligente!

UADD is a new and safe way to exchange business cards and keep the contact data updated in phonebooks.

Your cards are exchanged electronically. No paper, no physical contact.

UADD´s ultimate innovation is that any changes you make on a card will be automatically updated on the UADD phonebooks of the contacts with whom you’ve shared the card, thus keeping the data updated.


Improve your network management

You can now have multiple business
cards, all with QR Code.

Create your business cards (professional, personal, or family) and send them electronically. Be sure that your cards will arrive at the cell phone contact book of the recipient.

Card sharing.

Send your card by Messenger, WhatsApp, email, SMS or any other messaging app.
There is no need for the recipient to have UADD to receive your business card.

Automatic update.

If your contact changes a phone number or address, this change will be automatically made in your UADD phonebook.

Your contacts

Keep your contacts up to date, no more having an agenda where your contact phone number, e-mail or job has changed, and you do not know.
Let UADD take care of that for you!

Start now!

Download UADD from the app store and improve the way you manage your network.